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We can be your Pizza man by Nile-kun We can be your Pizza man :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,204 190
Master Yu-Gi-Oh Shipping List for Dummies
Abandonshipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Mokuba)
Admireshipping (Bonz "Zombie Boy" x Mokuba)
Adoptshipping (Gozaburo x Seto)
Agonyshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Thief King Bakura x Bakura)
Airshipping (Thief King Bakura x Priest Shada)
Akinshipping (Solomon Moto "Grandpa" x Mako Tsunami)
Ammoshipping (Gekko x Joey x Yako)
Amoshipping (Joey x Mai x Serenity)
Anagramshipping (Priest Karimu x Marik)
Analogshipping (Tristan x Bakura x Téa)
Angstshipping (Marik x Bakura)
Annoyshipping (Seto x Joey x Noa)
Anruishipping (Shaadi x Yugi)
Antagoshipping (Dark Bakura "Florence" x Seto)
Apocalypshipping (Dark Marik "Melvin" x Seto x Isis)
Apparishipping (Espa Roba x Bonz "Zombie Boy")
Apprenticeshipping (Mahado x Mana)
Aptshipping (Tristan x Isis)
Aquaintanceshipping (Tristan x Espa Roba)
Archaicshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Priest Seto x Thief King Bakura)
Ardentshipping (Tristan x Serenity)
Argenshipping (Pegasus x Bakura)
Aromashipping (Mako Tsunami x Tristan x Joey)
:iconopaldreamer:opaldreamer 359 394
Do you want to see...
Will you be my test subject?
He he, I must dissect.
Open every little thing
and just find out about it
I want to see everything
I want to see the brain
But hark!
I am not mad
I am the opposite
even if madness overwhelms me at times
I am not mad
I might act out
I might look at you
no, stare at you
I might scare you at times
I might even cause you to run away from me.
But it is no use
I will find you eventually
and convince you that I am NOT mad
All I want to do is dissect
Do you want to join me?
It'll be fun
We''l find a test subject
we'll open his body
it's as easy as ripping a piece of paper.
We'll see how they work,
and we can experiment
You see, I am not mad
Just curious
:icondeathdreamer102:deathdreamer102 150 26
Ten, the Master of Electricity by Samurai-Grant Ten, the Master of Electricity :iconsamurai-grant:Samurai-Grant 4 3
Rob's Big Idea
Rob's Big Idea
This is a DramaxBig Cat fanfic, if you're against yaoi and incest then you shouldn't read, just warning ya :3
Rob Dyrdek, owner of the Fantasy Factory, host of the TV show Ridiculousness, skater, and many other things, is currently sitting in his office, doing nothing. He's done all of his work and can't find any crazy, fun thing to do. He desperately wants to do something for his friends. His birthday had just passed and they had taken him out skateboarding and treated him to lunch. They had even put his parents on a plane to visit him. That was exactly why he was wracking his brain to come up with a thank you scheme. But there's nothing to do for Big Black or Chanel or the Pfaff brothers.
'Wait,' he thought, 'there is something I can do for Drama and Big Cat.'
He would have to think of something to do for Chanel and Big Black later because they weren't at the Fantasy Factory. Chanel was off doing a modeling gig that Rob had convinced her to go to and Big B
:iconxfrostynightx:xFrostynightx 4 13
Facebook and Tumblr in Real Life
"Yo Tumbe, get your ass up!!!" Facebook yelled from the bottom of the stairs. He waited until the dirty blonde headed boy stumbled down the stairs while rubbing sleep out of his eyes and yawning.
"You know, you don't have to shout Faceplant. I was already up." Tumblr walked into the kitchen and poured himself some cereal.
"You so were not! And don't call me that, Tumbles Down The Stairs!!"
Facebook grins but Tumblr pays the dark haired boy no mind as he pours milk into his bowl and grabs a spoon. Tumblr sits down at the table and starts eating his breakfast while Facebook stands there like an idiot.
"You didn't make me anything!!" He whines and stomps his feet.
"Well I figured you could just eat shit, since that's what you mainly talk." Tumblr's face remains stoic but a glimmer of playfulness shines in his greenish-grayish eyes.
"That's it Tumbly!!! You're going down!!"
Facebook swings a fist towards Tumblr but the other boy leaps out of his chair and lands perfectly balanced on the is
:iconxfrostynightx:xFrostynightx 1 2
Winter Never Came [DEMO!] by Winter-Never-Came Winter Never Came [DEMO!] :iconwinter-never-came:Winter-Never-Came 306 178
[Aitalia] Love Proposal
When he finally came to, his eyebrows had furrowed just a bit as the first sensation that he could feel was his wrists being tightly bound behind his back. He leaned forward a bit to try to be able to mess with them, but quickly realized at his arms were tied to a back of a chair that he was in. His eyes squeezed shut more, feeling his sore aching head droop a bit more at the failure.
“Ah, he’s coming around~ Good good.”
His ears perked at this, forcing to open his eyes to try to see who exactly was talking. However, despite the small spotlight of light from the moon shining through the window above him, everything else was cast into darkness. What was the moon doing out? When he left the house with her, it was the middle of the day. But then…
He slowly was beginning to wake up more as his memories of what previously happened began flooding back to him. That’s right, they were going to the emergency meeting, but then he and some of the others were jumped
:iconkyokyo866:KyoKyo866 17 5
Dreamtalia (Chapter 1)
Italy panted as his footsteps slowed to a halt, his knees bending as he set his hands on them, “ah... ah… I-I don’t know how.. ah… much I more can run…” he breathed heavily as he wiped his forehead to clean his flesh of any beads of sweat. He glanced up vaguely to the cloudless sky containing the relentless sun whom today was not his friend before back to the track, almost unable to see his commander anymore while he continued to run. How the heck could a man be so fit??
But of course it’s Germany so he can always do this so greatly!
Germany looked over his shoulder with a disapproving frown, raising his voice as he spoke, “Keep up, Italy! We still have one more lap to go!” Germany looked forwards once again, mentally adding ‘If I didn’t keep slowing down for you, you’d be four laps behind’.
The German watched the track fly by beneath his military boots, the brim of his hat helping in shading
:iconkyokyo866:KyoKyo866 81 6
Kissy Fun Times With PRUCAN or in this case CANPRU by SlyKittys Kissy Fun Times With PRUCAN or in this case CANPRU :iconslykittys:SlyKittys 3 0 Marshall Lee by xFrostynightx Marshall Lee :iconxfrostynightx:xFrostynightx 2 4





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